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Please click the link below to view the essential oil line and while you are there check out our monthly subscription box which funds Keeper's Mission - serving the pets of the homeless and impoverished, our very own non profit serving middle and west Tennessee.  You can watch your donations at work by following us.

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We love our little pet shop!  The Blessed Pet Shop was originated to offer your dog veterinary grade holistic pet solutions.  Prevention is worth a pound of cure - that old adage still holds true!  Making wise choices for your dog on what supplements they use is imperative.  

- How is the average consumer expected to know what dose of supplement is appropriate for their dog?

- How do you pick the right supplement for the problem your dog is having?  

- How do you know if that supplement is trustworthy?  Is it third party tested?

- How do you know if certain brands are quality products?

I want to eliminate this problem for you.  I have searched and researched products and problems and chosen a select few products that are problem solving for certain issues.  

You don't have to stand in front of a shelf looking at dozens of supplements and wonder which one is right for your dog.  

Now you have a veterinarian that can help put together a package for you.  Any product you order from The Blessed Pet Shop is tried and true and potent enough to help.  

At Veterinary Home Healthcare, we have our own veterinary made essential oil product line in our online and brick and mortar store, The Blessed Pet Shop. Dr. Debbie Reynolds and Dr. Miranda Barrick have created blends specifically for pets as well as some for their caregivers. We are able to make custom blends for special circumstances just ask for a free consultation.  

Dr. Reynolds is certified in animal aromatherapy, hospice care, fear free medicine and a member of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. We want you to feel confident in the products you are purchasing for your pet.  

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