Pet Wellness Program

Veterinary Home Healthcare offers integrative veterinary care for your dog or cat. This means we offer traditional or holistic care - or a combination of both.

We feel it is very important for your pet to have their physical exam 1-2 times per year. No two pets are the same so there is no cookie cutter plan for any pet. We assess each pet according to their lifestyle and life stage. We spend a lot of time writing out recommendations and instructions to keep communication as clear as possible. During your house call you have our undivided attention and we make sure to cover all concerns. Dr. Reynolds is an accredited veterinary chiropractor and we offer these services as well.

We often look at lab work and use these diagnostic tests to practice prevention, early detection or diagnosis. We also use these aids in senior pets to practice early detection. These tests may include bloodwork, x-rays, parasite screening and more.

Any of our patients that would like to have a holistic plan designed for them will get that with their exam. We also discuss any emotional or behavioral concerns and help address that as well.

Vaccinations are for healthy pets. If your pet is healthy and you would like them to receive vaccines we can do that, and alternatively we can also check their titer levels as an alternative to receiving vaccines. We do the least amount necessary based on your pet’s lifestyle and the law of your governing county.

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