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Feelings of gratitude for all God has done.


Life Lesson from mt Facebook Memory Purple Stride Walk -Chuck’s Day

Comfort! Eliminate headaches or generalized pain with this essential oil - no harmful side effects.

Spark essential oil for energy and liveliness!

Serenity in Transition - for the difficult times in life.

Tummy Tamer essential oil for dogs and humans to help with those tummy upsets.

Breathe Better Veterinary Made Essential Oil for Dogs

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Focus Essential Oil for Humans

Essential Oil Roll-Ons for Humans

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Human Blends: One for Anxiety and One for Stress

Human Blends: One for Anxiety and One for Stress

God Story Episode 1- How God works through VHH

God Story Episode 2 - How God works through VHH.

God Story Episode 3: God sees your pet.

God Stories Episode 4 - A preacher, a house call vet, homeless people/pets of 2d Ave. Nashville

God Stories Episode 5 - Can These Bones Live?

God Stories Episode 6 -  Animals and Angels

God Stories Episode 7 - The Roles Our Pets Play in our Lives

God Stories Episode 8 - Keeper's Mission - the back story

God Stories Episode 9 - Mrs. LaRue and her tiny dog Lizzie - Joy in all circumstances

God Stories Episode 10 - Will my dog go to heaven?

God Stories Episode 11 - How God put Natalie and Jill together to help Natalie's Dad

God Stories Episode 12 - Sometimes cancer happens and it is NOT your fault.

God Stories Episode 13 - Our New Address (coming May 1)

God Stories Episode 14 - Did you know the word euthanasia means "beautiful death"?

God Stories Episode 15 - Meeting Jagger

God Stories Episode 16 - My Tribute to David Bayer

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