Meet the Team

  • Dr. Debbie Reynolds

    Meet our Veterinarian, Dr. Debbie Reynolds. Dr. Debbie grew up in the small town of Sharon, Tennessee. She graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin in 1998 and went on to complete her degree at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in 2001. Veterinary Home Healthcare was established in 2011, and has since expanded to include a holistic pet health store, The Blessed Pet Shop. Dr. Debbie practices integrative medicine and is certified in Animal Aromatherapy, Hospice & Palliative Care, and is a certified Fear Free Practitioner. However, it’s more than her education and over nineteen years of veterinary experience that makes her such an incredible doctor. Dr. Debbie has a genuine love for all of her patients and clients. She strives to create a fear free atmosphere for all of our beloved patients and provides compassionate medical care right in the comfort of their homes. She is also known for her outstanding photography skills, which can be seen on our social media platforms. Finally, and most importantly, is her faith in God that guides her mind, heart, and hands to provide the best veterinary care possible to all she is called to steward over. Dr. Debbie lives in Martin with her husband, Wayne, of 30 years and their three beautiful children Ivy, Chesney and Cruz. Their family also includes a lizard named Cinderella, and two mixed breed dogs Carlton, and Judah.

  • Jessica Johnson

    Meet our Veterinary Assistant, Jessica Johnson. Jessica has been faithfully serving alongside Dr. Debbie for nearly three years and our patients love her! The one thing that really sets her apart from other vet assistants is her true compassion and patience with each pet. Jessica is well trained in Fear Free handling and she works hard to gain a real relationship of trust with your pet. She shares our Christian values and does not believe in restraining or causing mental harm on any patient. She has a desire to see each pet cared for with love and compassion. Jessica lives in Martin with her own beloved 7 year old mixed breed dog, Patrick, and her precious daughter, Iris.

  • Brandy Nunnery

    Meet our Office Manager, Brandy Nunnery. Brandy has been an active volunteer at the Carroll County Humane Society for 2 years. She has a heart for finding forever homes for animals that have been abandoned and neglected. She has 7 years experience working as a surgical tech at Henry County Medical Center and Mckenzie Regional Hospital. Her compassionate character and medical experience make her more than qualified to run our office here at Veterinary Home Healthcare. Brandy is mama to seven of her own furbabies. She has two dogs: Bella and Kaiser. She also has 4 cats: Whitemouth, Jericho, Hops, and Everest. She lives in Mckenzie with her husband, Justin, of 7 years. Together they have 4 beautiful children, Caidenz, Brooklyn, Sawyer, and Cannon.

  • Ivy Reynolds

    Meet one of our staff members, Ivy Reynolds. Ivy is Dr. Debbie’s oldest daughter and has been working with her for as long as she can remember. She is a senior in high school and has “officially” been working with us since 2019. She has a dog of her own, Judah, who was rescued from Death Row Doggies. She does everything with purpose and love. She believes that all—humans and animals—deserve to be loved. Her passionate pursuit and genuine love for Christ is what truly sets her apart. Her attitude and kind heart make her a great employee here. We also love her artistic flare, which we use all around the shop.

  • Danny Simmons

    Meet one of our staff members, Danny Simmons. Danny covers all of our shop cleaning needs—from mopping, to dusting—he does it all! He brings such a joyful atmosphere with him when he comes into the shop. He always has a smile on his face and won’t think twice about giving anyone the biggest hug. He is very caring and sweet to everyone(person and animal) that comes in. He is a vary hard worker and does everything to his best ability. His love and joy makes him such a great employee here.

  • Dr. Miranda Barrick

    Meet our Veterinary Consultant and Chemist, Dr. Miranda Barrick. Dr. Miranda is from Glasgow, Kentucky. She was raised on a family beef farm specializing in commercial cow/calf operations. She completed her undergraduate degree from Western Kentucky University in 2007 and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Tuskegee University in 2016. Dr. Miranda’s career experiences include being a Public Health Veterinarian centered in food safety, a Certified Pet-Loss Grief Recovery Specialist, a Certified Fear Free Practitioner, and a Veterinary Chemist centered around the development of essential oils for animals and their care givers. Dr. Miranda believes in a holistic integrative medicinal approach for the care of patients. Her faith in God and love for the patients and clients has brought her to Veterinary Home Healthcare. She has a servant’s heart and does everything as she’s doing it for the Lord. Her genuine and hard-working attitude is what makes her great here. She is full of joy and carries that energy with her wherever she goes. She now lives in Martin,TN and has two mixed-breed dogs, Topper and Zoei.

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